May 28, 2001

End of the three day weekend

Posted by Scott at 10:00 PM

Well, the weekend is over. We did go and see the Nashua Memorial Day
parade. We got there about 9:50 AM. It unfortunately started around
10:40 AM. The girls were about as patient as could be expected.
Overall it was a nice parade considering Nashua is not a big city.
Claire and Abby had never seen one before and didn't know what to
expect. For them it was like a mini-Halloween with the way the candy
was being tossed around.

Other than that, it rained an aweful lot. It made the girls go a little
stir crazy. Tomorrow it's back to work. At least I won't have to hear
the forecasters talk about our need for rain in New Hampshire!

I picked up a copy of The Onion's book called Our Dumb Century to give to Tom when he, Alyssa, and the family arrive
next month. After spending two days in the van with his kids, he
may need the humor...