June 03, 2002

Webpage and Picture update

Posted by Scott at 10:17 PM

First off, if the URL in your web browser address line says "http://bilikfamily.livejournal.com" click here to come back to this page as just plain bilikfamily.com and re-bookmark us with the correct (and simpler) address. A year later and I've finally gotten around to fixing that...

Click here for the latest pictures... Second, I've put some new pictures up tonight as well as a dotPhoto album. I was rather behind so some of these pictures are upwards of a month and a half old. While digital cameras can allow you to move from snapshot to web in minutes, it assumes you actually take the time to do it. With the house logistics this past month, it's not been easy. You can see a couple of pictures of the twins before their haircuts but most of the pictures of the twins are after their first haircuts. Ever since the haircuts Michelle has been calling the twins the "doobies" (do bees?). Perhaps by seeing these now, it will be less of a shock to Mom, Dad, Suzanne, and TJ when they arrive this weekend.

The inspection went reasonably well. There was some concern as to whether there is rot or some pests inside the boards just above our back deck. Whenever the gutters clog, there is water that falls three stories and then backsplashes onto the clapboard. This is why we try to stay ahead of gutter cleaning but I suppose it wasn't enough...