June 29, 2002

Pictures at the new house...

Posted by Scott at 03:33 PM

Click here for the latest pictures... I put up some new photos. Most were at our new house. Disclaimer: No Microsoft products were used in the design of this photo album.

We checked out a park in Milford call Keyes Memorial Park. It was pretty nice. It had a pool and a kiddie pool, plenty of fields for sporting events, lots of swings, jungle gyms, a skateboard park, etc. We're going to get summer swimming passes.

I lector tonight at Mass. I'm hoping to buy a television for the living room after the twins go to bed. If you saw the picture of our living room, you'd see why I should go get one...

Update (9pm) : It was getting too late by the time we ate and got the kids to bed. I'm deferring picking up a television until later. Instead we worked on bills. Yawn. We signed a five year contract with EnergyNorth for propane delivery. Not that we had much choice in the matter. We're thinking that perhaps we should switch long distance back to Sprint in light of the recent WorldCom collapse.