August 04, 2004

Photo Album

Posted by Scott at 09:37 PM

Click to see the albumPhoto Album - After the boys went to bed I did a quick album. Most are of the kids but several show the flowers and landscaping work that Michelle and the kids have done over the past month. Sorry if the flower pictures are a bit boring. My favorite picture is of Timothy, once again showing he climbs everywhere as we caught him in the kids' bathroom basin.

Books - Ella EnchantedMichelle got another issue of Family Fun magazine. In reviewing the movie, Ella Enchanted, it gave a stronger recommendation for the book. I gave a quick call over to Toadstool Books to confirm that they had it in stock. I then took the girls there to pick it up for Claire and a level 1 reader for Abby.

Other than that, not much is new. Most of the recent updates have been on the link sub-log on the right. I admit it's getting political, but that what the news is dripping with these last few months leading up to the election. These past few days we've all been getting excited waiting for the half dozen visitors that arrive this weekend.


Heh, yeah the one of Timmy in the sink is too cute.

When things calm down for me, I need to catch up with you. Maybe Russell and I can have dinner with the whole family sometime next week.

Posted by: will at August 5, 2004 01:05 PM

Sounds like a good idea. Once you get above a dozen people in the house, what's a couple more? ;-) The more, the merrier...

I read how work has been for you this past week. Sounds like my struggles with customer issues, but worse. Nevertheless, it's decent money. Hope you find some stable design work soon. Scott Whitney just took a decent job in Pelham.

Posted by: Scott at August 5, 2004 02:00 PM