March 05, 2006

It's always something

Posted by Scott at 06:50 AM

Tuesday - Tuesday night I was eager to get home from work. My folks had arrived after two days of driving from Chicago. Monday night we had told the boys that grandma and grandpa would be arriving but it didn't seem to click with them. When they arrived the next afternoon, their eyes lit up. They recognized them right away and were as excited as the girls had been in the days leading up to their arrival.

Wednesday - Wednesday night I was making good time on my trip home when suddenly things on Route 13 came to an absolute stop in Lunenburg, Massachusetts. At first I figured I'd wait it out because shortly after the stop I saw a couple of ambulances leaving the scene. But after about 10-15 minutes, things hadn't moved. I punched "Detour" on the GPS and it routed me back towards Fitchburg and up Route 31 north. I'd never been up that way before. It was pretty rural — even more backroad-ish than my usual route 13 path. It took me through Ashby, which is where Becky lives (I think). In the end it popped me out just a little west of Wilton, NH which is our neighboring town. Overall I was about 20 minutes late on arrival home. That's not bad considering a large portion of that was spent sitting in traffic waiting.

Thursday - Thursday night I was again making good time coming home. I had driven all the way to Brookline (the town just to our south) when suddenly a police car pulled me over. Evening twilight was upon us and he let me know that I had a headlight out. I know that headlight was working when I left the garage that morning. It must have gone out during the day. As Murphy would have it, while the policeman was back at his car running my drivers license number through the system, Michelle beeped me on the phone to ask where I was. "Oh, just sitting at the side of the road pulled over by a policeman." You can imagine what she was thinking. So, once again I arrived at home late. “It's always something!”. Shortly after I got home, Michelle and I went out with my folks to dinner at The Black Forest Cafe.

Friday - I took Friday off to spend some time with the family while my folks were visiting. In the morning we took everyone out for breakfast at Parkers Maple Barn in Mason, NH. When we returned home, dad and I changed my car's headlight bulb. Initially I was concerned about how to change this one. The passenger side bulb is easy to reach and I've changed it several times before. The driver side bulb is obscured by something that makes you wonder how to get at the bulb without being a mechanic. I did a little searching on the internet and found out just how easy it is to remove the obstruction. Sure enough, inside of a minute I could get at the bulb.

Saturday - Saturday had some of the usual stuff: gymnastics, kids over playing, etc. Mom and dad watched the house for an hour or so while Michelle and I went to look at tables to put in the dining room. Later mom, dad, Claire, and I went to Saturday evening Mass. Michelle will take Abby on Sunday morning.


Sounds like a great time with family.

Posted by: Lisa at March 6, 2006 01:01 PM