March 19, 2006

40 years

Posted by Scott at 08:23 PM

40 yearsAnniversary - Today marks my folks' 40th wedding anniversary. Being their oldest I always like to joke, "it had better be your 40th anniversary!" One year less and I'd have some serious questions! *grin* I hear that yesterday they had some nice celebrations back home in River Grove. I wish we could have been there.

Of course, it also marks the 'return of the swallows' to Mission San Juan Capistrano... and Saint Joseph's Day.

ThereseThérèse - This weekend Claire and I watched Thérèse: the Story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux, just recently released on DVD. Most excellent! Aside from The Passion, there hasn't been a well done, solidly Christian movie in many years. It had both Claire and I welling up in our eyes near the end. It was also a "teaching moment" as I got to talk to Claire about Thérèse's approach to holiness in her 'Little Way'. Thumbs up from Claire and me.

I should mention that Abby and I also saw Bambi II this weekend. It was roughly what you'd expect for a Disney sequel. Yawn… Not that Disney doesn't sometimes have good sequels, but it doesn't tend to be their track record.

Photos - Well, I sketched out some of the Perl web code to put a couple of new pictures from the album archives on the front page every day. There are a few subtle styling tweaks I'd like to make to it if I get the chance but for now this will do. I'd also like to be able to filter some pictures that probably shouldn't go up on the front page as they'll bring back sad/bad memories. For now it seems to be working. Every day around 1am, as it's computing things like the events of the day, the saint, the gospel, etc. it'll pull two new pictures from the thousands stored here. As usual, click the small thumbnail to be taken to the full size version of that picture. Browse around the nearby pictures if you like. I'm hoping it brings me a few 'dial up the wayback machine' moments for me. Towards the end of the program's development, even testing it was fun with occasions of "aww, remember that?"