July 01, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Read an encouraging review of AMD's new "Puma" mobile platform, including our Radeon HD 3200 and UVD cores. (related link) 5:35am

Encouraged by optimistic forecast on the GPU side of our house: AMD to capture 40% of the discrete GPU market? (related link) 8:51am

Smooth commute in w/the usual prayers & such. Started a new audio book I forgot I bought many months ago. (related link) 8:54am

So few of my co-workers are here today. I'm simply eating a lunch from the roach coach, I mean lunch truck. 12:28am

Who-hoo! My daily driver Jetta TDI held it's own in this Edmunds comparison: "Gas-Sipper Smackdown!" (related link) 3:57pm

Renewed my web hosting for two more months to see whether the new email "catchall" rules help alleviate their problems. 4:04pm

Just did a quick test run. sbilik at me dot com is now working. It didn't last week. Glad Apple got it running before the iPhone3G released. 4:43pm

Having a quick bite at McD's before I attend an Opus Dei evening of recollection at 6:30. 6:18pm