July 06, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Back from Mass & breakfast. We'll head over to the pool later. It's starting to feel a bit warm & muggy. 70°F, but 66°F dew point. 9:01am

The girls are heading to the Wilton "House by the Side of the Road". The boys are gaming. I'm working on a new photo album. 9:16am

I'm really going to appreciate that pool trip later. Michelle & the girls came home with a river birch. Time for me to start digging! 10:17am

The river birch tree planted. I'm freshly showered. The cheapo dollar store inner tubes are inflated. It's off to the Milford pool! 12:00am

Back from the pool. So refreshing! Bought the kids snacks from the nearby snack hut. Got Michelle & I iced coffees from Donut Fresh Express. 2:32pm

Resuming photo work, sipping an iced French vanilla coffee. The boys are playing the Nintendo 64 Paper Mario. Out for early dinner soon. 2:43pm

Back from a dinner at Bentleys in Amherst. In his determinations to be angry, Daniel missed out on the good food. 4:59pm

Working through these vacation pictures from last weekend. There are more than I remember... 5:43pm

Phew! 55 pictures edited & being resized for web scale resolution. Abby's trying "Zach & Wiki" on the Wii. 6:21pm

Michelle and I watched some of the 2002 "Time Machine" (related link) 9:12pm