July 13, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

I love cool summer evenings like last night, where all you need is a gentle fan & not a house sealed up with air conditioning. Now 66°F. 5:52am

Back from Mass and breakfast. Practicing reading with Michael. Claire's practicing with Daniel. Michelle's doing a bit o' lawn trimming. 9:02am

(related link) - Timothy playing with blocks 9:49am

Mario Kart Wii fans will recognize the default ring tone I just built for and installed on Michelle's cell phone. (related link) 11:57am

Back from a trip to the pool. For the 1st time in my life, I fainted. I was changing in the locker room & woke up on the floor w/a bruise. 3:39pm

Bought ($10) & downloaded SPOGS Racing for the Wii. The kids aren't too sure about it (compared to Mario Kart Wii). (related link) 3:44pm

I'm thinking perhaps my fainting was a case of orthostatic hypotension. (related link) My face is a bit tender from the bruise. 4:09pm

Used Google's Street View to "see" all the changes that have occurred at the house we lived in during our USAF years. Cool! 8:33pm