July 16, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Picked up my boss at his mechanic's shop and carpooled in. Today is my 'conference calls' morning. 9:01am

Couldn't sleep early this morning. Sketched out some micro-blogging code to bypass Twitter/Ping/Facebook. 10:00am

Back from a Panera lunch. I tell ya' -- the density of Blackberry's, JawBones, and laptops at Panera is "wicked" high. 12:47am

I didn't realize the iPod Touch is $100 more than the equivalent memory capacity iPhone 3G. I bet that changes in less than 3 months. 2:16pm

Pullin' my boss away so we can head back north and pick up his car. 4:48pm

Back home. Amazon shipped the Mario Party 8 guidebook I bought for Michael. He reads Nintendo guides without prompting from us. 6:44pm

Back our 1st 'date night' in weeks. I had a tasty thai peanut salad w/grilled chicken at Black Forest Cafe. (related link) 8:05pm

Abby's announcing proudly that she's now on chapter 6 (of 8) on Nintendo64 Paper Mario, played via Wii Virtual Console. 8:08pm

Watched an episode of Click 'n Clack in their new series "As the Wrench Turns" (related link) before going to bed. 9:36pm