July 19, 2008

Home movies

Posted by Scott at 06:48 PM

After a nice dinner with the family at TGIFriday's, I was cleaning out some movies from my camera. If anyone knows a simple way to rotate a QuickTime format video, drop me a comment. Here are three decent ones that have been scaled down for reasonable web download speed.

  • Waterfall - This is just one of the many waterfalls you see when traveling along the Lost River Gorge.
  • Cave - Depending on how adventurous you are, there are plenty of little passageways and crevices to climb at the Lost River Gorge. Here we see Abby, Michael, Daniel, and Timothy exiting one.
  • Handstand - I took this one today. Claire is getting the upper body strength and most of the balance needed to be able to do a handstand. Here she uses the front door just for a bit of stability. She's getting very close!