November 09, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Yawn! Good morning all. Got to force myself out of bed to get to girls to church early. They serve today & next Sunday for the 7am Masses. 5:57am

Back home from Mass and breakfast. Michelle and the boys are at CCD. I'm going to prepare for RCIA. 8:51am

I'm really bummed that OperaMini + Palm's JVM don't seem to "play nice". Back to using "Blazer". It's not as sexy, but reliable as hell. 10:41am

Michelle is rejoicing. She's done taking the penicillin needed for her Strep throat. 10 days, 3x per day. I'm glad no one else caught it. 12:47am

Ordered a few parts for my tractor. They'd fallen off this past month. I'm always amazed at the markup on stuff like this. 1:49pm

Trying "Card Reader" for PalmOS. It lets your computer "see" the SD card inside your Palm as a drive so you can move files to it easily. 2:11pm

At Kowloon Wasabi to pick up takeout for our family and guests. 5:11pm

Got my iBook configured so that it can leverage my phone's 3G data network (aka tethering) in case I'm not near a WiFi access point. 6:57pm

I started dozing around 8:30pm as Abby was finishing up a session of "Super Mario Galaxy" w/o her brothers' interference. Good night all! 9:39pm