November 21, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Dropped Claire & her friends off. On my commute listened in on a conf. call with Finland. Also talked with folks before they drive up here. 8:54am

In between phone calls I finished listening to "Fleeced". It's reasonably bipartisan in its attacks on corruption and scams of "the system". 8:56am

Sad to see staff emptying out Tony's cubicle. (related link) We kept it open for over a year in hope... 10:24am

Had enough fun with simulation builds that wouldn't. Headin' home & starting my Thanksgiving vacation. 9 days off! Folks visiting. All Good! 5:22pm

Smooth commute home but had nothin' to listen to but the radio. Hadn't done so in years. I barely had anything on the presets. Hello "Scan". 6:45pm

I'm kicking myself! I accidentally let the balance expire on our prepaid phone. $22 down the drain. Re-Boosted. 7:53pm