November 24, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning all! I plan on taking Michelle's Step class this morning (grunt!) and then doing a lot of Christmas shopping with her. 6:12am

Survived Michelle's class. While she's at Bed, Bath & Beyond, I'm next door at Office Depot. 11:15am

Had a nice lunch with Michelle at Olive Garden. It was our first time there since leaving the midwest in '94. 12:43am

ZOMG! We found MarioKart themed RC cars. 1:19pm

Relaxing in the WalMart parking lot, nursing some A&E Roasters coffee while Michelle's inside the store for "one last thing". 3:20pm

Back from parent teacher conferences for the twins. Relieved that the gap that they had two years ago is closing well. Still work ahead... 5:37pm

Practiced more reading with Michael. Now we're all going to enjoy a roast that's been cooking for hours. A late dinner for us! 7:08pm

Got the boys to bed. Relaxing with a recent copy of 'Popular Photography' that my dad brought along. bounce-bounce 7:52pm

When not drooling over equipment in this month's Popular Photography, I watched the "Dancing w/the Stars" finals with my family. Good night! 10:47pm