November 06, 2010

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Cardinal Sean at the launch of WQOMGood morning! It's our autumn cleanup day. I'll be using the sweeper to gather the leaves and then mowing the lawn. But first I'm off to Golds for the Step class. 8:21am

Claire and I are just back from the Step 'n abs class. It's still only 42°F. That's going to make for a brisk fall cleanup a bit later. 11:18am

Leaf cleanup and lawn mowing... Done! For the year! While it was chilly, at least the sun was out for most of it. Now it's time to prep for the family Mass at St. Patricks. Claire is going to try her hand at being a lector. Some of her other friends from her Confirmation class are participating in different roles too. 3:03pm

Claire did a good job as a lector this afternoon. Afterwards we went to Chapangas, a newly opened restaurant in Milford. The reviews on Yelp reflect our experience. It was a bit pricey for what it was. 6:51pm

Does New England have one of the coolest Cardinal's ever? I'd like to think so... I think he was the first to have a weblog. He spoke to us at the Catholic New Media Conference this summer. And here he is at the opening of Boston's new Catholic radio station. Welcome WQOM AM 1060! (related link) 7:28pm