November 10, 2010

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 09:32 PM

Good morning! It's a pretty vanilla one for me so far. I dropped the girls off at school and listened to my audiobook on the drive into work. I had transcoded the audio last night into MP3 so now it's a CD playing in my car stereo. It's still overcast with drizzle outside. Supposedly this dreary weather finally pushes out this afternoon. 9:03am

Likely the strangest story of our culture I'll see this week: 50 year old Mexican mom gives birth to her gay son's baby 9:12am

Left the office early as I have a conference call with San Diego from 6-8pm tonight. Had a smooth drive home, listening to "Interior Castle" along the way. Going to enjoy a nice dinner before I return to my desk for the call. 5:14pm

Pretty lackluster day. After my late conference call, I enjoyed a little dessert and then head to bed. Tomorrow the kids have off for Veterans Day. I, the veteran of the household, will be going to work. Go figya! 9:32pm