March 18, 2012

A Foretaste of Spring

Posted by Scott at 09:44 PM

Good morning! Michelle watched the rest of Gattaca this morning before the kids got up. It'd been many years since I saw it and was surprised by a few details I'd forgotten. 6:47am

Global Warming As Cargo Cult Science 7:02am

Only 32°F now, but will be ~68°F and sunny today. Awesome! 8:05am

Got a pointer to try to compare mobile phones. Punched in "HTC Arrive" and it never heard of it? 8:21am

Since we're leaning towards the HTC Arrive with WinPhone7/Mango for Abby, I watched this video to get a better feel. 8:43am

I wasn't away aware that nearly all of Saint Josemaría Escrivá's writings were now available as eBooks for the Kindle. I bought his three classic works: The Way, The Forge, and The Furrow. May buy others later on... 9:56am

Eventually got my girls up and dressed. We then went for breakfast at DFE. Now Michelle is taking the girls shopping while I hang out at home with the boys. We've finally agreed to go with a phone purchase for Abby, hoping it gets all setup before we leave for the reunion. I might also do a bit of shopping at my alma mater's store. 10:01am

When I was a high school senior, I had this poster up in room. I didn't realize you could still buy it. :-P 10:05am

Looked at a bunch of RHIT jackets but could find one I liked as much as my old one from the early 90's. This one is pretty close to what I'd like, but I'll hold off for now, especially since Spring is around the corner. Maybe try again next Fall. 10:25am

About to order a fourth phone to our plan. First me 'n Michelle. Two years ago Claire. And now... Abby! Dun-dun-duuun. $$ 10:27am

Tim reminded me of this classic Jingle photo. 11:04am

Finally broke down today and created a BACN email folder. Setting up the rules for it now. Gettin' too much of it. 11:06am

Renewed the domain for another two years. Enough geekery now. Time to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. 11:45am

After playing a bit on the driveway, the boys and I put 4 basketballs in the car and head over to the school to shoot some baskets and play on the jungle gym. Then we head over to Haywards and split to shakes while watching folks flying model airplanes in the field behind it. 2:20pm

When we got home we watched a few videos while I folded more laundry and helped Timothy setup Apache2 on his laptop. Soon the girls came back from shopping. 2:25pm

For those who've only ever heard of iOS or Android, this is a brief overview of WinPhone7/Mango, which is on Abby's upcoming phone. Internally I'd heard of lot of good things about it so we went that route for Abigail. 2:30pm

The high in Milford, NH today: 79°F. Just awesome! Much higher than predicted. A foretaste of Spring. 5:51pm

Dropped Claire and two of her friends off at Confirmation class. 7:02pm

Osama bin Laden/Al Qaeda's Least Favorite Network 7:09pm

Snark: 5 years of iPhone innovation... (related photo) 8:13pm

Did a bit of GReader reading after dropping Claire off. Then tucked the boys in bed with their prayers. I'm not far behind 'em. Good night all! 9:14pm

Via CurtJester: “A liberal, a moderate, and a conservative walk into a bar. The bartender says, ‘Hi, Mitt.’ ” (via SF writer Mike Flynn) 9:17pm

To read soon: Does Contraception REALLY Reduce the Need for Abortion? 9:27pm

“And this is the verdict,
that the light came into the world,
but people preferred darkness to light,
because their works were evil.”
John 3