May 03, 2012


Posted by Scott at 09:09 PM

Good morning! I dropped the girls off at their schools and drove into Boxborough. It's another drizzly day outside. I offered up a set of Glorious Mysteries along the first part of the commute and caught up on news with my dad the rest of the way. He'll be coming out again next week for a handful of days. 9:33am

Abby has a school field trip to the Boston Museum of Science today. Claire has something going on with her chorus group and those of nearby high schools. Michelle is taking a Step and Abs class this morning. 'Tis a busy day for the women in my life. 9:35am

Interesting Catholic novena: Mary, Undoer of Knots. For the huge number of "knots" that cause anxiety and strife in our lives. 11:17am

Due to a restructuring of our membership at our local Golds Gym, Michelle was able to add Abigail (who just turned old enough last week and was asking about it) and still cut our monthly bill from $60/month to $40/month. 12:10am

Kevin Glass does a piece by piece fisk'ing of the Obama administrations new Life of Julia campaign with Cradle to Grave: The Obama Campaign's Fantasy for American Life. 1:22pm

There's also been some conservative backlash on Twitter about the Life of Julia narrative. Michelle Malkin countered Julia with The Real Life of Brian Terry. 1:26pm

Oh... Composite Girlfriend. I thought Obama said Composted Girlfriend. I've been living a rural lifestyle too long! ;-P I hear Obama's former girlfriends are even harder to find than his college transcripts. 1:41pm

Was Paul Ryan quoting Ayn Rand? Nope, Dorothy Day & her critique of Holy Mother State, a great defeat for Christianity. (related WSJ article link) "I do not believe that the preferential option for the poor means a preferential option for big government." 2:52pm

Had a productive day at work. Left a little after 5:30, listening to EWTN on the commute home. SiriusXM recently updated their Android app. It's now a little more TiVo'ish, but the buffering is about the same. That is, sometimes brief cellular data outages can make the audio stop, but it usually can resume manually. 6:43pm

Abby had a good time at the museum. And she's "official" at Golds, complete with her propaganda t-shirt and her admission token. Claire is still at school with the chorus. Michelle had a good fitness class this morning too. 6:44pm

A few weeks ago I started offering a daily prayer for the intercession of Father Joseph Muzquiz. He was the instrument St. Josemaria initially used to bring Opus Dei to the USA. So tonight after dinner I watched a new EWTN Special about him and his cause for sainthood. 8:23pm

Once I was done with the show about the canonization of Fr. Muzquiz, it was time to pick up Claire from the multi-school chorus concert. Since I was there, I also gave her friend Shauna a lift home as well. The two of them are feeling a bit burnt out on singing. In their words, "we've been sing all afternoon". 8:25pm

Here's a video announcing the cause for canonization of Fr. Muzquiz. Since he's buried near here around Boston, it was this diocese where the cause is initiated. Fr. David Cavanagh, the Postulator for his cause, is a priest I've known. He's lead a few of our local Opus Dei evenings and I've had Confession with him a few times. 8:29pm

Tucked the boys in bed with their prayers. About to follow their example. Good night all... 9:08pm

“Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.
How can you say, 'Show us the Father'?
Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me?
The words that I speak to you I do not speak on my own.
The Father who dwells in me is doing his works.”
John 14