August 02, 2012


Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! I'm working from home today. I stopped by for a much needed haircut this morning. Michelle and Claire are at Golds for the Thursday morning Step class. 9:15am

I took Michelle, Claire, and the boys for lunch at Cafe on the Oval. We stopped by DFE on the way home for iced/frozen drinks. Now Michelle and Claire are heading to The Quartz Source in hopes of getting some rocks that Claire can use in her necklace creations. Claire has been making a lot of jewelry lately and was also inspired by the Etsy shop setup by her cousin. 1:01pm

Click to enlargeLast year I modified my annual Moleskine Planner purchase with their Special Peanuts Edition. Suddenly I feel compelled to make my MacBook match with the decals shown at right. 1:06pm

Ah, what the heck. I ordered the vinyl decals for my MacBook. It should be fun. I also ordered my 2013 Moleskine. 1:15pm

My MacBook is simultaneously transcoding the original Batman Movie to the main floor TiVo and playing a video from All About Android. Needless to say the cooling fan is whirring along nicely. 1:24pm

Click to enlargeShould I do this to the Jetta if Claire “inherits” it? Or with it being a diesel, is it kind of pointless? ;-] 2:22pm

Worked until 7 o'clock. My college roommate, Christian, was in town on business and came by tonight. His work brings him to the area about once a year, more or less. We got to catch up on old times and exchange family news. Near the end we picked up Claire from Subway. Good night all! 11:32pm

“‘Can I not do to you, house of Israel,
as this potter has done?’ says the LORD.
Indeed, like clay in the hand of the potter,
so are you in my hand, house of Israel.”
Jeremiah 18