August 20, 2012


Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! A bit of a chilly start today with sunshine but temps around 60°F. Michelle dropped Abby off at Band Camp. (No American Pie jokes people!) Claire will be running to school to adjust her classes and later heading up north to Belmont, NH, just like Abby did a few days ago. Michelle is taking the boys with her to the Y to teach her Step class. 7:20am

I had a smooth drive in. I stopped by DFE for a large coffee to nurse while I listened to This Week in Tech #367 along the way. When I arrived I remembered that this week contractors are ripping up and replacing the sidewalks that surround the AMD/Qualcomm building. 8:30am

If you need a laugh, check out the fake reviews of this banana slicer on Amazon. Every once in a while folks like to poke fun at products that borderline on useless on Amazon and this is a classic example. 9:09am

Just went over to the cafeteria to pick up a salad. Of course now that I'm back at the office, it's a great afternoon to take the kids to the pool. Not when I was home with them over the weekend... 12:13pm

Finished my Self Appraisal for the past six months. It always feels awkward to skim over the past several months, summarize it, and then tooting your own horn. It seems a bit vain. 1:12pm

Time to close the office door. The jackhammer outside is getting too annoying. 2:14pm

Left work around 6 o'clock. Listened to last weekend's episode of The Good Fight where they discussed one of my favorite contemporary saints: St. Gianna Molla. They also discussed the modern euthanasia movement. 7:08pm

Today we received The Scarlet and the Black from Netflix. I've kicked off a rip onto the TiVo. Having a quick dinner before I head out. Abby is at a barbecue at Keyes Field. I hear that her day at camp was long. Unfortunately there's a whole week of it ahead. I hope she's patient enough to endure it well. 7:10pm

After dinner I head up to Bedford for this month's Opus Dei Circle. Just got back shortly after Michelle got the boys to bed. Good night all! 9:37pm

“A young man approached Jesus and said,
‘Teacher, what good must I do to gain eternal life?’ ”
Matthew 19