August 25, 2012

Band Camp Wrapup

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Hm. seems down. Hopefully its a brief outage and not a hacking. I only noticed because I use their site for the daily readings. 6:22am

Good morning! I started out with a brief medical exam for my life insurance renewal. Abby is on her way to Band Camp. Claire has to work. Michelle is sub'ing at the Merrimack Y so the rest of us are going along. 7:56am

Big change of plans. When we got to the school, it wasn't open and we didn't see anyone around. It looks like Abby's start was pushed out. We drove back home and I let Michelle take my car to teach her class at the Y. I'll stay home with the boys and take Abby again in an hour. 8:34am

I dropped Abby off again and stopped by DFE for an omelet wrap. I had been fasting for the morning medical exam. 9:30am

Timothy and I took Claire's bike to Souhegan Cycleworks. Its back wheel needs work. 10:45am

Michelle got back from teaching her class. I wish I could have gone to it. She had low turnout today, perhaps because it's the last weekend before school resumes. After lunch Timothy and I went to pick up Claire's bike and bring Michelle a frozen coffee drink. 1:30pm

Absent Minded Professor I got a quick nap and watched the 1961 Disney classic, “The Absent-Minded Professor” with the boys. They got a lot of laughs even though it is black and white. It was the basis for the 1997 released “Flubber” movie with Robin Williams. 3:00pm

Claire got back home from work. Soon we got our stuff together to head to the high school: blankets, snacks, drinks, books. We're going to a barbecue for the band families and then going to watch their marching drill and playing. 5:00pm

We all just finished watching the Milford High band do their drill and performance. So proud of Abby! Michelle, who had played clarinet through 8th grade, never got to be in high school band because her high school didn't offer it. And next month the twins will start in the middle school band. We'll see if they like it. We're going to pick up some Wendys Frostys to celebrate the great performances. See some snapshots below. 8:05pm

Michelle took her last Xeloda dose. She gets a week off now for her body to recover. This upcoming week she'll have a PET scan and a followup with her oncologist. Pray that the medicines are shrinking the tumors. That medicine is over $100 per dose with doses in the morning and evening each day. I'm going to get the boys tucked in bed. Good night all! 8:30pm

“The greatest among you must be your servant.
Whoever exalts himself will be humbled;
but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”
Matthew 23

Snapshots I took today:
Thumbnail of Band Practice Wraps Up  Thumbnail of Abby and Claire  Thumbnail of Claire and Michelle  Thumbnail of Milford High Band  Thumbnail of Milford High Band  Thumbnail of Milford High Band  Thumbnail of Milford High Band