August 29, 2012

First Day of School

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! A bit of first-day-of-school chaos today. Abby starts high school for the first time. The twins start middle school for the first time. Abby took the bus, but I dropped the twins off myself. Timothy opted to take the bus today. 8:30am

Claire has today off. She went with Michelle to morning Mass and then with her to the Merrimack Y. Michelle was asked to sub instruct a Step class this morning, because how busy would she be on the first day of school, right?! ;-] 8:32am

After I dropped the boys off, I head down to Boxborough, listening to the rest of yesterday's podcast of The Good Fight, where they discussed St. Gianna and the recent writings of Cardinal Burke. It was a gorgeous morning for a drive, as it often seems to be those first few weeks of school before autumn gets in high gear. 8:35am

I just bought: 'Sermon In a Sentence: St. Thomas Aquinas' for my Kindle. The author has other saints in this series, but I thought I'd start with Aquinas. 8:54am

Excerpt: "According to Qualcomm, the new GPU has been in the making for three years. The work started on the 320 project after Qualcomm’s takeover of AMD Mobile"... (related story) 10:43am

5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses To Affect Your Privacy Decisions 12:37am

Click to learn more...My peers and I are pretty excited by this: a Samsung camera with Android Jelly Bean. 2:34pm

The most Catholic 404 page I've ever seen. A 404 page is that response you sometimes get when you type a web address incorrectly. 2:37pm

Via gigaom: Chipmakers beware: Qualcomm unleashes the quad-core Snapdragon (related story) 2:39pm

Left work a bit early. Listened to St. Augustine on the drive north. Went straight to Golds for tonight's Step Circuit class. I'm glad they finally brought back an evening hour-long class again. They've been a bit too focused on trendy, marketing-approved classes like RIPPED and BodyPump. 7:00pm

Apolo Anton Ohno (click to enlarge)Was surprised that it was only the boys at home when I returned from Golds. Abby had band practice from 5 to 8. Already on her first day of school?! And Michelle had just dropped Claire off for a few hours of work to close Subway. 7:05pm

After dinner I knew I'd be up late to take Claire home from work. Got "the call" a few minutes ago. I joked with Claire that she and her co-workers must be proud that their new endorsement guy, Apolo Anton Ohno, is going to be on ABC's “Dancing with the Stars” next month. 9:43pm

“We instruct you, brothers and sisters,
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,
to shun any brother
who walks in a disorderly way
and not according to the tradition they received from us.”
2 Thessalonians 3