April 03, 2001

Photo albums coming

Posted by Scott at 05:00 PM
      It's late at night. I got back from an RCIA meeting and I just got finished uploading some more pictures over at Sights and Sounds. I just wanted to mention a few quickie news tidbits before I log off. Excuse the lack of coherent thought flow...
      Claire is working on a new poem called The Turtle. Look for it soon. We just got finished reading the classic story, Hans Brinker. Tomorrow I go with Claire to get her sized up for next year's school uniform. We also watched a funny Jerry Lewis movie last weekend - Rock a Bye Baby. Claire also saw his version of The Nutty Professor today as well. I hope to see it soon. Corny... a bit, but at least I don't have to worry while Claire and Abby watch it.
      I recently picked up a high capacity memory card (96MB CF) for the camera so that I could take some high resolution pictures with the camera. This should allow me soon to set up some albums on a service like ShutterFly so that friends and family members can get "real" prints. One needs to save at high resolutions for printing, as opposed to web site images. While a co-worker from another ARC division visited last week, he showed me some nice (and reasonably inexpensive) software for cataloging digital pictures into albums, including the creation of thumbnail previews and automatic generation of web pages for the albums. Shweet! I may have to look further into that.
      Taxes were done last week. Thank goodness this year it was pretty much a break even year. I hate tax debts and rebates that are excessive. Now if I could just get things settled this easily regarding this year's medical expenses...
      Oh yeah, I almost forgot! Mr. Russell is leaving VAutomation after this week. Just when we were enjoying hearing about his vacation. The girls will certainly miss the instant candy fix they got at his cubicle whenever they would stop by the VAutomation office for a visit. The boys will never really know what they missed.