April 05, 2001

Russell leaving ARC

Posted by Scott at 05:00 PM
      Michelle brought the twins to the YMCA Kid Stop last night. She didn't go to work out, but just to see how the boys would do at the Kid Stop. They did fine, so Michelle will drop them off there for our Saturday morning workout. It will be our first workout together at the Y since the boys were born. While she was there, the YMCA fitness director spoke with her and talked her into teaching again in a few weeks. I believe she starts teaching on April 23rd.
      It looks like I may possibly go to England within the next few weeks. I'll need some more training on ARC's upcoming Bluetooth solution. Bluetooth is a technology to eliminate wires commonly used to connect digital components together. Picture not having to connect your mouse, printer, keyboard, etc to your computer. By using low power wireless communication, devices can connect and communicate within a small area (10 to 15 meters) without having to plug them in. For more advanced applications, imagine being able to download the pictures in your digital camera into your computer just by placing it near your computer. Or picture having your cell phone download contacts and phone numbers just by being near your computer. Synchronizing PDAs could be even more trivial. Anyway, enough technical blather.
      Claire and I went to Russell's going away lunch. Claire was a little social butterfly again, making the rounds after eating her lunch. I hope she will be able to restrain herself a little bit when she starts school next fall. She needs to understand there is a time and a place for that, lest her desire to talk get her in trouble.