April 13, 2001

Visit to CHAD

Posted by Scott at 05:00 PM
      Wow! What a week at work! Lots of support calls came in and I never felt like I could get ahead of them. I'm dreading what it'll be like when I'm in the U.K. later this month.
      So on Wednesday Michelle and I brought the boys up to CHAD -- Childrens Hospital at Dartmouth. Yes, they call it CHAD even after the whole Florida ballot fiasco. When we met with the doctor and he had time to review the x-rays and ultrasounds of the boys, he clarified our misunderstanding. We got the impression that things looked OK but then found out the full story. Daniel does have a fluid on one of his kidneys. Michael has a slight (class 2) reflux of fluid from the bladder back to the kidney. In Michael's case they want him to take a low dose of antibiotics for a year just as a precaution against kidney infection. In Daniel's case they want us to take him for further tests up at Dartmouth's clinic in Lebanon, New Hampshire. This is getting absurd! First the x-rays in Nashua, then a diagnosis on Manchester, now tests in Lebanon. What next, surgury in Colebrook!? (Yes, I'm kidding there). If anyone has any opinion on whether we should rethink this, please let us know soon. This all seems a bit drastic for boys who are otherwise quite content.
      Michelle and I again went to the YMCA on Thursday night for a workout. The boys did very well at the Y's KidStop, as did the girls (of course). The boys are only waking up once in the middle of the night these days. This started about a week ago. Michelle is happy not to see them twice in a night as was the case up until now.
      In the girl domain, Claire is doing very well at phonetically spelling new words. Granted the English language has plenty of spelling anomalies to make that of limited use. Abby seems to be getting along well at recognizing letters. She still doesn't do to well on colors, though.
      Well, it's Good Friday. Lent is almost over. Michelle and I want to wish you all a Happy Easter. We wish we could spend an Easter meal with all of you. We will, of course, be celebrating back at the house. We do have our good friends, Sharon and Dave Nix, coming to share a meal with us. We often do major holidays with them. They have two daughters who are almost exactly the same ages (and hair color) as Claire and Abby. I haven't seen Dave since before the boys were born, so it'll be nice to catch up. All in all, I'll try to take a few pictures this Easter weekend and get them uploaded soon. Don't forget that you can order pictures from ShutterFly as mentioned on the Sights and Sounds page on the 11 April entry.