April 20, 2001

Heading to Cambridge soon

Posted by Scott at 05:00 PM
      It's been another hectic week at work. I don't have much news to report. Most of the work on the web site this week was spent trying out a new presentation format for the pictures and starting to convert the older stuff into that format. I think I'm finally getting a nack for getting the pictures to fit well on screen and look good without taking forever to load from a modem. That's part of why I wanted to build this site by hand rather than just using some Microsoft web page editor like FrontPage. I wanted to know more about what goes on inside a web page. I guess it's what makes me an engineer.
      I'll head out this weekend for Cambridge, England. The trip does not sound fun that first day. Long flight, many hours of time zone shift, customs, currency conversion, taxi from London to Cambridge. Luckily the first day of training does not start early in the morning!
      Thus don't expect any web site updates until next weekend. I'll bring my camera along if I remember. Hopefully I can get a few shots of my first trip overseas. While I'm away, my mom will visit to give Michelle a hand managing the kids. I pick her up tomorrow around lunch time. She'll stay until the 30th of April. How Twilight Zone'ish. She arrived on the twins' birthday. She departed when they were exactly one month old. Now she comes back because I'm leaving when they turn three months old.
      Luckily for Abby, "Grandma" will be here for Abby's third birthday. There have only been a few times when the girls have spent birthdays with family. On Claire's most recent birthday last September there were a lot of Michelle's family visiting. Unfortunately Claire was uncharacteristicly a bit of a pill on the day she turned five. But that's a story for another time...
      I wanted to mention in closing that we got our first batch of print pictures back from ShutterFly. I have to say that the results really impressed me. They do not look like they suffered at all because they were taken digitally. You can't tell it wasn't film. Plus I had the benefit of editting them before printing so that the cropping, borders, etc were just what I wanted. If you were waiting for our results before trying it out, I'd say go ahead and try it out now. Our results were great.