June 10, 2002

Nice weekend for the family

Posted by Scott at 10:11 AM

My family arrived on Friday afternoon. We started out the weekend with a nice barbeque dinner. After my Saturday morning workout we all went to spend the day at Seabrook, NH at a friend's house on the beach. It was sunny and clear but a bit breezy and chilly. Sunday morning I took TJ, Claire and Abby to the pool at the YMCA. We went to Mass when we got back. After Mass Mom and Suzanne took Michelle out dress shopping to get Michelle something to wear at my brother Christopher's wedding in August. Dad and I tended to the kids and trimmed the lawn. We had a sitter come Sunday night for Abby and the twins while the rest of us ate dinner at the Timeless Diner. The Timeless Diner screams 1950's but I find the food only so-so. Perhaps their breakfasts and lunches are better. Despite our cautions to Claire that she should stay home with the sitter and Abby, she came along and, predictably, was extremely tired at the dinner table. We'll go out again for dinner later this week. Claire agreed that she would stay home next time.

Michelle seems to have recovered from her surgury. She's teaching her usual Monday morning step class today. The visiting family is likely going to the coast today as the weather forecasts show it to be the nicest day of the week. Claire has Olympic Day at school today. It's a half day affair over at Rivier College.

Yesterday the fan didn't seem to be working on our furnace so the new central air compressor worked all day for nothing. The technician who installed it will be out today to see what happened. I'm hoping it's something simple like infant mortality on a fuse or relay of some sort. I guess I should clarify that expression. Infant mortality in electronics refers to the fact that most electronic things fail either within their first week of usage (due to some subtle manufacturing defect) or at their typical lifetime (years later...).

The Boston Globe is running a story about how ATT Broadband is shifting their pricing around in a way that really only affects those who own their own cable modem. Those who were leasing their modem will see no difference. I can understand the problem but next month I'll have a whole new issue to worry about: using Adelphia's cable internet service, Power Link. I've heard some pretty mixed reviews of Adelphia's capabilities in the broadband Internet arena. Luckily I can bring my cable modem with me to the new house.

Geek Quote of the Day:

"There are only 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don't."