June 10, 2002

Cool again on the home front

Posted by Scott at 02:25 PM

The HVAC guys came by this morning. Michelle says they spent about an hour and a half tweaking, measuring, adjusting, etc. They left our house when Michelle was putting the boys down for a nap, so we don't know what the issue was. Nonetheless, the central air is up and running again. That's a big relief. We didn't want another large expense just before moving.

I picked up Claire from Olympic Day at Rivier College. She had a great time. She was sad, however, when she got home and realized that our visitors had left for a day trip. We explained that even we would have liked to go with them, but we also had conflicts. It didn't console her very much.

In geek news, Palm has announced Palm OS5. New ARM-based Palm handhelds based on version 5 should be available in a few months. The New York Times also has a nice story about one class of online business that has boomed: used book stores. I have to admit that I did buy a very old book (c. 1906) over a year ago through online used book sellers. It's only recently been republished. The amount of used books available online is amazing! If I get brave enough, I may some day actually buy something from eBay.