June 16, 2002

A Happy Father's Day

Posted by Scott at 12:17 PM

Happy Father's Day to all the papa's out there. It's a particularly happy Father's Day for me because we found out that we are going to have another child!! We are going to break the gender tie. (grin)

We closed on our house in Milford last Thursday without a hitch. By Thursday afternoon we were starting our move of household items. The big stuff will be handled by movers the middle of this week.

I took Friday off to bring more stuff to the house, fertilize the lawn, and wait for some deliveries. Sears came with the new mower and Fletchers came with the washer and dryer. Both had introductory videos attached. It's a statement about modern appliances that they come with videos, eh?

Saturday we went over again to bring more stuff and wait for the gas man to come and hookup the dryer. We went out as a family for dinner late that afternoon. Mom and Dad called that afternoon to confirm that they arrived back in Chicago safe and sound.

This morning we went to 10:30AM Mass and I had to lector. This afternoon we'll head back to the house and bring the kids clothes over.

Next Thursday a sprinkler system will be installed at the new house. Also that morning Claire is flying to Chicago to spend 10 days with family. It is her first time flying alone. She's an experienced flyer though, so she should be able to handle herself well on the plane. As a side benefit it will also give her the opportunity to attend Chris and Katie's wedding shower and her cousin Andrew's birthday party.

It's going to be a busy handful of days with all the moving. Don't be surprised if the updates slow down.