June 17, 2002

More house moving news...

Posted by Scott at 04:29 PM

Yesterday we went back to the house as we planned (see yesterday's post). I brought the stuff in from the vehicles. The kids played on the first floor. Michelle taped up the edges of the master bedroom in preparation for painting. On the way back to Nashua we stopped at Blakes Restaurant for dinner and ice cream. Once we got home the sitter came to watch the kids for the evening. Michelle and I went right back to the house and painted the master bedroom. We didn't get back home until 11PM last night.

Michelle, ever on the go, taught a step aerobics class this morning. When she got back she cut the lawn while the boys napped. She's taking the kids to the park this afternoon. Tonight she's going back to the house to put a second coat of paint in the master bedroom. And people wonder how she stays thin!?!

I read a satirical story this morning about “the dangers of homefeeding”. It's a satire on those who get hysterical about homeschooling.

“While the majority of the local children still receive their nutrition from state cafeterias or approved, registered private cafeterias, a growing minority of parents - hundreds by some estimates - are engaged in homefeeding, a practice in which children receive at least breakfast and dinner in their own homes as provided by their parents.

In accordance with law, the Marfans informed the state health department that they were homefeeding Johnny. But in this state, homefeeding is relatively unregulated, giving carte blanch to parents to feed their children virtually any food under the sun; meat, milk, cookies, butter, pie - anything goes.

It's preposterous for us to leave such vital functions to amateurs who claim authority based on something as flimsy as parenthood, particularly in the realm of keeping pace with nutritional advances.”

Gasp! We definitely need to do something.... and at a federal level! (smirk)