June 21, 2002

Misc scribbles...

Posted by Scott at 03:57 PM

I found this good article by Emily Stimpson which delineates the higher level struggle, the meta-struggle, of the Church. Bud McFarlane continues to track decent commentaries on the scandals of the Church.

In home closing news the lawyer who is handling the closing just asked if we could move the time out a bit. Of course this makes coordination with the kids a bit challenging. Nothing quite like last minute changes...

I got the HUD settlement statement for our Nashua house. It was a relief to see how much of the money from the sale of the house will actually come back to us. There wasn't that much we owed our old mortgage company. This will go a long way towards lowering the principal on the mortgage of the new house. It's no fun sleeping thinking about having two home mortgages to pay for.