June 26, 2002

So many things...

Posted by Scott at 10:50 PM

So little time!

We did close out our house in Nashua. Things are getting more and more settled each day in the new house. Michelle and I have met several of our new neighbors. There are lots of families in this little neighborhood. We are the third or fourth house to have twins. We've run across a few houses that also have four young children. It's nice to not be such an anomaly. I think this price range of house was a big factor in filtering out home ownership by young, unmarried DINKs.

I updated and renewed my drivers license today. It only took about 10 minutes.. not at all like my experiences getting renewed in Chicago. Tomorrow I need to do what I can to get the cars registered in Milford. They also need to be inspected. Yikes! Time is running out. Both vehicles are registered in my name and my birthday is just around the corner!

The sprinkler system is in and operational. Michelle loves it. With the very warm, muggy weather we've had this past day or so, Michelle is also enjoying the central air conditioning.

We've got a painter lined up to do some painting in some first floor rooms. Yes, it would have been easier to paint before we moved in, but painters require some notice. It's not easy to just hire one and start tomorrow.

I've put training wheels on our smallest two-wheeler bicycle and Abby has started riding it. It seems she took to the pedaling and braking pretty quickly. She and I went for a walk/ride this evening before she went to bed.

This is my first post from the Mac at the new house. Adelphia cable broadband (aka PowerLink) has been working reasonably well so far. Hearing Adelphia's name in the news has not brought me much comfort. The connotations haven't been as bad as the recent WorldCom news, but not much better.

I've read so many cool things that I would have loved to link to these past few days, but time has been short. Hopefully things will get more settled soon.