July 27, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

I'm having a hard time sleeping with all of the thunderstorms going on outside, but at least the temps are nice and cool now. 3:57am

Good morning! The Bilik clan is getting ready for Mass. I have heavy eyes this morning from lack of sleep, but I'll push through it soon. 6:34am

We're back from Mass and breakfast. Michelle's cutting hair for us boys. Abby's just finished N64 Paper Mario and we're watching the finale. 9:27am

Now that Abby's finished Paper Mario (N64) and Super Paper Mario Wii, she's going to start Paper Mario-1000 Year Door from the GameCube. 10:04am

Visited two comic stores in Manchester, NH. Now having dinner at Chili's. It's pouring rain outside! 4:33pm

Michelle & I are wondering why a store called Newbury Comics (related link) actually sells so few comic books. 6:13pm