July 28, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

My three day weekend is over. Time to stop dawdling on the internet. Working from the home desk today. 6:39am

Wow! I've seen it all! WSJ's tech writer Walt Mossberg is actually very critical of an Apple product. (related link) 7:32am

Michelle & the kids are headin' to the Y. Michelle will teach. The girls will play tennis. The boys will be at The Kid Stop. I have quiet. 8:51am

Wow! A three day weekend behind me and I only have 18 unread office emails. This must be summer time. 9:06am

The cafeteria in the adjacent office building is now open to us. We don't have to make a pilgrimage for lunch (or brown bag or roach coach). 9:10am

WTH! After a day of clear Doppler radar maps, about an hour ago an intense storm blob suddenly appeared over Keene, NH & is heading our way. 2:15pm

The worst of that little storm is beyond us, but (as Michelle predicted) it was enough to close the Milford pool. She is glad she didn't go. 3:14pm

Whoever Rush Limbaugh has hosting his podcast MP3 files (perhaps Akamai.com?), they have some wicked fat internet "pipes". 4:09pm

Had enough fun for today studying our build regression flows. Time to get out, see some sun, then head to the gym. 5:14pm

As I got back from the gym, I was happily surprised to see a friend and former co-worker had stopped by for a visit. Had fun catching up. 8:47pm