November 01, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! Happy Feast of All Saints. Funny how it always comes after Halloween. It's a balmy 44°F/7°C here in southern NH. 5:24am

14 years ago this morning Michelle & I packed ourselves, 2 suitcases, 2 cats, & a litter box into my CRX and left Wright-Patt AFB for NH. 5:27am

Reading "If It Redistributes Like a Duck …" (related link) 6:12am

My website gets some of the weirdest "referer spam". (related link) Every morning I look over the logs and laugh. 6:46am

Michelle & I got back from a Step class at Golds. Now trying to make plans. 1 of us will take a bunch of girls to see High School Musical 3. 10:43am

Claire and I cleaned the gutters. I setup the ladder and spotted. She was the ladder monkey. I can catch her more easily than vice versa. 11:24am

Michelle took our girls+two to see "High School Musical 3". I catnapped while the boys watched Phineas & Ferb. Now we're running errands. 12:55am

The ever curious Timothy helped me change the oil in the tractor and the snow blower. Now I set him up on Super Mario Galaxy for a while. 3:07pm

Michelle and the girls are back from High School Musical 3. The girls liked it. Michelle ... meh. She's not much for theaters. 3:38pm

I never cease to be amazed at how much Opera Mini transforms ordinary cell phones like mine into decent mobile web surfers. 4:26pm

I didn't realize how many cross compiling tools were freely available for the Mac. (related link) Chumby hackin' potential. 7:18pm

Nerdvana alert: I got the Emacs editor/operating system running on the Chumby embedded linux device. (related link) I'm dangerous now! 10:12pm