November 02, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! Due to the time shift Michelle & I are awake earlier. We're using it to relax a bit & catchup on a little news before Mass. 5:13am

Back home from Mass & breakfast. Did a little cleaning while the boys are at CCD. Now trying to figure out why my phone's volume is so low. 9:31am

Since our phones finished their contracts, I'm moving us from Nextel to Sprint and ordered a pair of the newer Palm Centro phones. 11:16am

Rested for a bit while watching the 2nd half of "Iron Man". Afterwards did a little web surfing to see what folks have done w/Palm phones. 3:49pm

At the Manchester Mall watching the boys on the carousel. 4:59pm

We checked out the pet store and game store while Michelle and Claire were at Old Navy. 5:36pm

After trying three other restaurants around Manchester, we decided to have dinner at the Weathervane in Bedford. 7:43pm

Just put the boys to bed. The rest of us are not far behind. Our bodies are out of whack with the daylight savings time shift. 7:56pm