November 03, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! Happy Monday. It's 22°F/-5°C now but it looks like we have a nice autumn week ahead w/highs in the upper 50's/mid 60's. 5:26am

The Chumby's alarm feature is letting me wake up to quiet piano music via the Pandora music service. It beats an annoying buzzer alarm! 5:50am

I'm embarrassed to say it, but last night's new episode of Hannah Montana was actually pretty good. The girls are watching it on TiVo now. 7:07am

Dropped Claire and her friends off. Now for a bite of breakfast and then take Abby, Michael, and Daniel to school. 7:49am

Dropped Abby/twins off. Michelle and Timbo heading to the YMCA where Michelle will teach a Step class. I'm VPN'ing in and working from home. 9:26am

Shocked! Stunned! A former co-worker died on Friday night. He was paralyzed a year ago in a tragic accident, but I didn't expect this. 10:16am

I did not know this: NH has done away with voting straight party ticket. (related link) That'll slow things down tomorrow. 10:58am

Dropped Timothy off at school and had a date lunch with Michelle. Now back to sim investigations. 1:54pm

Back from the gym & feeling much better. I needed to get out & get some vigorous exercise. I just put Timothy to bed. Time for some dinner. 7:14pm