November 04, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning all! Michelle is bringing an alternative meaning to the term "early voter". She's heading out to be there at the 6am opening. 5:33am

I find it ironic that on our ballots, the Republicans are on the left column, Democrats are on the right. (related link) 5:37am

I just noticed: Netflix is doing away with selling their used DVDs?! I got a lot of good deals that way. It was so easy and convenient. 6:00am

Heading over to Milford Middle School to cast my votes. From there I'm heading into the office. Catch ya' in a couple of hours. 6:47am

No line for voting, just a bit of difficulty with car congestion near our polling place. Smooth commute in. Delving into work. 9:38am

Dial up the Way Back Machine & see Time try to explain how they didn't see the Reagan landslide against Carter. (related link) 10:06am

Sarah Palin was cleared of all ethics violation charges. Expect this to get 1% of the press/media coverage that the initial allegation did. 12:38am

In a spirit of "bipartisanship" I took a handout... my free coffee from St.Arbucks. (but I bought a small treat to go with it) 3:16pm

Wrapping it up. Heading to an Opus Dei Eve. of Recollection. I'd much rather be in front of the Blessed Sacrament than tonight's news media. 5:06pm

Back home at last. I notice that the smart phones I ordered on Sunday arrived today. Perhaps I'll activate them tomorrow. Good night all! 9:34pm