November 05, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning. I'm going to work from home today to try to activate the new cell phones and avoid the Massachusetts office Obasms. 6:13am

Abby found the one missing piece to her 550 piece puzzle. "and there was much rejoicing..." 8:26am

Looking at my state country by county & comparing to 2004. (related link) Other states are available there too... 10:45am

I can't believe all the lame phones Pandora supports on Sprint but not the Treo/Centro line. (related link) Pay more, get less? 11:43am

After ~1 hour on Skype w/Sprint cust tech support, we got our two Nextel phones switched over. Same numbers, other side of their network. 5:09pm

Back home from the gym. Had a quick dinner. RTFM'ing while the kids watch Disney's new "Tinker Bell" movie (related link) 7:52pm