November 11, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! The kids are all home today for Veterans Day. I'll be heading to the office in a couple of hours. 5:18am

Reading "AMD layoffs didn’t affect graphics guys" (related link) and feeling a bit encouraged... 5:31am

Some days I feel our government [legislative, executive, and judiciary] thinks the Constitution is a simple wiki page. 6:10am

Smooth commute. Finished Pope B16's "Jesus of Nazareth" early in the commute. Started "Fleeced", shifting from theology to current events. 8:44am

Finding it funny that while I'm surrounded by cool posters from video games, most of what I look at day to day are a handful of triangles. 9:28am

What kind of a hellish day is it if I'm only firing up Emacs at 10:15am for the first time?! Too much admin, not enough geekin'! 10:17am

McCain is going to have a "thank you" visit to NH in the next few months. (related link) 10:49am

I've recently managed to have conf calls on Tuesdays starting right at noon, blowing away normal lunch plans. Heading for a bite now. 1:36pm

Yeah! I've finally finished the diagnostic test I wrote to screen our design while it is on the silicon wafer before it's cut into a chip. 4:04pm

Imagine my surprise: I wrap up my commute, walking into a dark house ... with nobody home. 5:56pm

My girls are practicing a phone greeting. Funny how my "drama queens" suddenly can't act in front of a microphone. 8:07pm

I got the boys tucked in bed. Time to prepare for RCIA again. Fighting yawns at the moment... 8:08pm