November 12, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Yawn! Good morning! I slept as though someone knocked me out with a mallet. Still groggy now, but must get goin'... 6:12am

Sunny commute in w/a bit of congestion near the end. Listened to more of my current audio book "Fleeced" en route. 9:02am

Concerned. Even though I saw the eye doctor early this summer, I may now be a candidate for gasp bi-focals. Right eye can't focus near. 9:36am

Just learned: Our current ATI RV770 graphics chip has 957 million transistors. Excuse me while pick my jaw up off the desk. 10:11am

sigh Just read of another Milford Rt 101 highway death last night. That highway is so boring it kills people. (related link) 11:00am

Slow news day for WMUR? (related link) Oh wait, it says "Obama" therefore it's newsworthy by default. 11:09am

Some co-worker friends who were temp assigned to our Boxborough office for a few months are back. Had lunch together & caught up on things. 1:39pm

Had enough fun with test optimization today. Wrapping it up and heading north. RCIA tonight after dinner. 4:51pm

Had a lot of candidate participation at tonight's RCIA 'cause this Sunday's Gospel caused a lot of discussion. It wasn't 10 minute exegesis. 10:33pm

Once I got home I relaxed with a glass of eggnog and some video podcasts on TiVo. Good night all! 10:34pm