November 16, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Done with Mass. Enjoying breakfast with the family at Milford's Donut Fresh Express. 8:20am

While Michelle & the boys were at CCD, the girls & I went on a walk to the old bridge over the Souhegan River. 10:22am

Michael read me "Oliver" by Syd Hoff. (related link) 11:39am

If this doesn't make you say, "oh my!" at least once, you're a better driver than I am by far. (related link) 12:39am

With the family at the Nashua Pheasant Lane Mall. 5:28pm

Waiting for them to setup a table for seven at Chili's. 5:59pm

Ah... finally back home. Time for the kids to get in their PJs. Perhaps a bit of 'Kit Kittredge'? 7:34pm

Michelle & I spent half an hour browsing the Amazon MP3 store. I really should download their MP3 downloader and move away from the iTMS. 9:15pm

The girls enjoyed their movie. Good night all! Hope you all had a fun weekend. 9:28pm