November 17, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! After a rainy weekend in New England, the skies are now clearing, but the daytime highs are comin' down into the low 40s. 6:05am

Done with the morning errands and chores. Michelle took Timothy to the YMCA. I'm working from home today. 9:17am

After a noontime conference call, had a date lunch with Michelle. Back to work (and another call at 3pm...) 2:25pm

Learning about YUV format, often used in video. (related link) Happiness is believing everything is Red, Green, Blue... 4:21pm

Time to put the studies on hold and head out to the gym. 5:09pm

Back from a great workout at the gym. The studio was much less humid now that it's cold enough for the heat to kick in. 6:58pm

Had a PB&H (the dinner of kings). Time to head out for an Opus Dei Circle. 7:26pm

Back home. Tonight's theme: the Communion of Saints. Not surprising for November. 9:55pm