November 26, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning all! Reading Danielle Bean's excellent article "Alleluia in the Dark" (related link) 6:38am

It's a lazy morning. No school. I'm sipping some locally roasted coffee dad bought from A&E Roasters yesterday while reading Bloglines. 6:54am

Found the humorous poster I used have in my bedroom when I was a high school senior. (related link) 7:59am

Trying out the newly released OperaMini v4.2 on my Palm Centro, hoping for more stability. 9:31am

Dad and I are at Chunky's with the boys about to see 'Bolt'. Michelle, Claire, and mom are out shopping. 1:41pm

Downloading Oprah's Holiday Hits (8 free Christmas songs) (related link) Only available for 48 hours. 4:37pm

Playing 'Mastermind' with Claire. My brain feels like Jello. :-) 8:10pm