November 27, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning everyone! Happy Thanksgiving! We'll be heading to Mass at 9am. How 'bout you? 5:18am

Watching 'Christmas Vacation' with the folks, Claire, & Abby. 12:12am

Relaxed with a few rounds of Bejeweled 2. Had the game 2 phones ago, and felt like playing again. It's simpler now with a stylus. 2:45pm

Detroit has been getting so clobbered by the Titans. 3:39pm

Played a couple sets of Mastermind with Claire while dinner finishes cooking. 3:44pm

Dinner done. Desserts done. Relaxing and sipping some coffees. Oh, and I showed Abby 'Bejeweled'. She's a natural! 6:50pm


I used to love Mastermind. I still have my original game. Let Claire know I finished Twilight last night and now I can't wait to go see the movie!

Posted by: alyssa at November 27, 2008 11:54 PM