November 28, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! Welcome to Black Friday. It's hard to believe some people are out shopping already! It's still pitch black outside. 5:28am

I want to get one of these posters for my desk. ;-) (related link) 7:45am

While the girls were out shopping, I drove the boys to the Merrimack Burger King but unfortunately their indoor playground was closed. :-( 1:23pm

The boys and I stopped by the Amherst GameStop. Several good ideas but the checkout lines were wicked long. Perhaps later... 1:26pm

Wishing I'd plugged in my iBook before the boys & I ran errands. Ze laptop... she eez kaput... at least for a few hours. 2:21pm

At the Tractor Supply Company with my dad. grunt grunt 3:40pm

Finally did it: downloaded the Amazon MP3 Downloader/iTunes Importer and purchased a few tracks for Michelle & Claire. 6:14pm

Back from a nice dinner w/Michelle & my folks at (related link) . Michelle was happy because we got a table by the fire. 9:05pm