November 29, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning all! I spent a lil' time on Facebook creating an album of Abby pics. Later I'll head to the gym, my first time since Monday. 6:25am

Michelle & the kids are setting up the Christmas tree in the 1st floor study this morning. It's a spot we haven't used for the tree before. 8:23am

Back from a much needed workout. I'm convinced the instructor had her abs surgically replaced with Kevlar. Christmas tree went up at home. 11:14am

Went to lunch w/Abby & my folks at Nathaniel's so we could have their awesome Chicken & Rice Augolemono soup. 2:09pm

Sitting by the fire, sipping a mocha, editing pictures from dad's & my cameras. Michelle's putting up holiday decorations around the house. 4:17pm

Worked on another photo album with pictures from my dad's camera and my own. Enjoy! (related link) 6:27pm

Michelle & I are looking forward to the ABC Family channel movie "Snow 2: Brain Freeze" (related link) We liked the first one. 8:42pm