November 30, 2008

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:44 PM

Good morning! It's a brisk 22°F/-6°C this morning with rain/snow mix expected. Time to prepare for Mass. 6:12am

Back from Mass & breakfast. Sitting by the fire, folding laundry, and watching news. 9:14am

Did a few more online Christmas purchases, while watching the "Monk" Christmas special with my folks. 11:51am

It started snowing about an hour ago for the first time. The kids are excited. Abby's already hoping for a "snow day" tomorrow. ;-) 3:16pm

The kids opened a couple of Christmas presents from my folks before they head home tomorrow. The "does it fit" variety of presents. ;-) 4:48pm

Vacation's almost over. I resume work next month. Oh wait, that's tomorrow! Good night all! See ya' then! 8:51pm