November 02, 2010

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 08:37 PM

Good morning! I dropped the girls off at school and then decided to go get a bite to eat before voting. The middle school was congested between student drop off and voters. After breakfast the drop off congestion went away and voting was easier. Saw the coolest Milford license plate afterwards on my way out. See snapshot below... 11:00am

After voting I head to the office. I listened to "The Odyssey" for a bit and then caught up with my dad on the highlights of Erik's Baptism and Halloween night. It also confirmed that taking Rt 119 is handy if I don't want to drop a cell connection mid-call. :-P 11:03am

Visit the NH tourism siteSo it was 16 years ago this afternoon that we first crossed the NH border by car with the "Welcome to New Hampshire" sign. Just Michelle, two cats (Cali & George), and I with a couple pieces of luggage in a Honda CRX Si. I was on terminal leave from the USAF and about to start my first industry job at Lockheed Sanders. 11:11am

OK, I've voted. The geolocating internet marketers can now please stop showing me targeted ads for Congressional hopeful Ann McLane Kuster. 11:23am

Can Fitness Fend Off the Common Cold? Judging only by my wife this past month, I'd say no. 11:52am

NaBloPoMo. One blog post per day for a month. Just a month?! 12:17am

Via @SteveMartinToGo: There is something wrong with the letter counting website. It tells me I have letters left and can continue but then cuts me off in the midd 12:29am

Via @CurtJester: So I wonder how many dead people are sporting "I voted" stickers this time. 1:02pm

Via @andylevy: Hey, does anyone know of a social media site where people can incessantly tell others to vote? 3:54pm

Via @NashuaTelegraph: Since polls opened at 6 a.m., about 300 voters per hour have come to Milford Middle School. By 1 p.m. they had 2,154 votes. (related link) 4:47pm

Smooth drive up to Bedford for an Opus Dei Evening of Recollection. Listened to today's readings and homily (via EWTN) along the way and then offered up a Sorrowful Rosary for the souls in purgatory. It is All Souls Day after all. 6:38pm

Back from Eve. of Recollection. Tucked the boys into bed with their prayers. Going to doing a little study and call it a night. I'll hear how the elections turned out tomorrow... Good night all! 8:28pm

Snapshots I took today:
Thumbnail of Coolest Milford area license plate