November 03, 2010

Short Updates

Posted by Scott at 11:59 PM

Good morning! Besides assessing the political fallout, today is a big day for another reason! Claire gets her braces off today! 5:51am

I dropped the girls off at their schools and listened to a couple books of "The Odyssey" as I drove down to Boxborough. Even now it's still a nippy 24°F in Milford. Brr... Hope the kids stay warm today. 8:37am

Click for the Wikipedia linkBefore heading out the door, I enjoyed watching part 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Empty Planet. I hope that when I finally get home tonight I can wrap up with the second half. 8:45am

The political ad none of the networks wanted to touch this season. Produced by the Citizens Against Government Waste. 9:05am

Didn't realize that on this past Halloween, GM's agreements with Pontiac dealers officially expired. Good bye Pontiac. The last car was built about a year ago, but this puts the final nail in the brand. 9:13am

Late departure, but smooth commute home. I listened to today's readings and homily and then got through most of book 20 of The Odyssey. The end is in sight. As I walked through the door, my heart was warmed to see the smile of Claire's pearly whites. Now time for some dinner (re-heated) and to watch the second part of "The Empty Planet". 6:59pm

After getting the boys tucked in bed with their prayers, I wrote one more diagnostic test and then took a conference call with San Diego. Had enough for tonight. Good night all! 9:37pm